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To all of my great customers and those visiting here for the first time
I am very sad to announce this, I must close up shop for awhile if not for good.
I began making / selling my speaker adapters as a hobby and as a way to help out other Bimmer enthusiasts with getting better sound into their ride. My adapters seem to have caught on and as of today I cannot keep up with the growing volume of orders!
I promise everyone that I will try to reopen within the next few months, for now my family and job are taking 100% of my time and I find myself being unable to offer the level of service you all deserve.
Recently I came up with a way to adjust the E36 adapters to fit all E46 cars, and I even have designed sealed boxes for 8" subs that fit neatly under the rear deck and keeps your trunk free (I have them in my own car, sweet!). Unfortunately, no time to make them-
I am considering selling the entire business (website, templates, new designs, etc) cheap to someone who has time to run it properly and can grow it into the huge success it should be- I have everything packaged and it is not hard to take over. This would have to be for the right person / business, I will not turn it over to just anyone!

For now I will answer emails as best I can, again I thank the hundreds of BMW owners from all over the world for your business and positive comments! Over the past two years you all have allowed me the opportunity to earn your business and your trust, and I will always be in great appreciation of that!

Best to all, Kurt Lewis a.k.a. )-shArk> ..Email Me