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Resume of Kurt D. Lewis







NT / 2000 / XP Platforms Setup and Administration

Microsoft Exchange Server Administration, Setup and Administration

Win 9x, Linux and Macintosh


Active Directory and Remote Installation Services

Citrix Metaframe and Terminal Services

Enterprise Backup Systems- Veritas, ARCserveIT

TCP, IPX, SNMP Configuration and Troubleshooting

SMTP, Proxy, IIS, FTP Services

Network and End-User Support

Software / Hardware Conflict Resolution

Disaster Recovery and Prevention, Systems Performance Analysis

Setup and Configuration of Compaq Servers, Dell Servers, KVMs and APC / UPS

Gigabit Ethernet and Fiber optic LAN / WAN Configuration

Switches and Routers Extreme Gear, Cisco, HP, LinkSys, BlackDiamond

LAN / WAN Security, VPN, Mail Filtering and Virus Detection Planning

Web Design and Media Application Support, DreamWeaver - Photoshop



Kurt Lewis


4817 W 142nd Street

Hawthorne, Ca 90250

H:   310.644.4929

M:   310.920.0332



To secure employment with a strong company as an Enterprise Systems Engineer, Information Systems LAN Specialist, Contract IT specialist or member of an IT Infrastructure development team.

Seeking to further expand my personal knowledge, skills and expertise in working with multiple OS platforms, current / new technologies and enterprise hardware/software solutions in the LAN / WAN environment.



Employment History


10 Years Experience administering, setting up and trouble shooting Microsoft Exchange Server and messaging clients, as well as support / configuration of Exchange Third-party plugins from BlackBerry, WorldSecure, ArcServe, Veritas and HP. User maintenance, account creations, Site Connector configuration and Performance Monitoring over multiple LAN / WAN messaging environments. Skilled in Exchange disaster recovery and planning. Have worked with setting up NT/2000 single master and multiple-master domain models capable of supporting over 80,000 users.


8 Years professional experience setting up, administering and trouble shooting Win 3.11, Win 95/98, NT, 2000, XP and Macintosh OS platforms. Performed numerous software and hardware upgrades and have dealt with trouble shooting many types of issues including PC software / hardware conflicts and networking / RAS connectivity problems.


10 Years experience installing and administering Microsoft Windows NT / 2000 Workstation, NT / 2000 Server and all major MS Windows services in a multiple master domain LAN / WAN environment.

Experience with 2000 Active Directory structure and Remote Installation Services, creation of MSI packages for seamless remote client updates.

Disaster prevention / recovery planning and administration of Enterprise-level backup services using ARCserveIT 2000 and Veritas NetBackup in a multiple-location office environment. Creation of server file security and user security policy management.


Expertise with administration of MS Office 97, 2000 and XP productivity suites. IIS, RAS, DNS, DHCP, interior and exterior networking protocols including RIP, BGP, IP, IPX and Appletalk. Configuring / installing server hardware, routers, firewalls and Virus Detection software.


Experience configuring and trouble shooting most models of Cisco Routers, Access Devices and Switches. Configuration and management of Cisco VPN, Security and Remote Access services. WAN and LAN design, setup and maintenance.


Key talents in LAN / WAN network security analysis using a host of 3rd party tools such as Nmap, ISS, L0pht, NAI Sniffer and others. Familiar with wireless network security.


Most recent technologies worked with include:

          WorldSecure enterprise server mail filtering and virus scanning for Exchange

          Veritas Netbackup

          ArcServeIT 2000

          Raptor Secure Firewall and VPN client / server software

          NetScreen hardware firewall and remote VPN hardware devices

          Altiris Express remote deployment server and client software

          Cisco AS5300 RAS Server, 2000, 3000 series routers / switches

          MS Office XP Professional

          RIM BlackBerry Wireless Email devices and Enterprise Server

          Citrix Metaframe servers and ICA Client packages

          All models of Compaq Proliant Servers and Workstations, IBM servers

          HP ShureStore and Compaq robotic DLT libraries

          HP JetDirect print servers and JetAdmin software

          HP 9100 internetworked Digital Senders, HP Network printers

  • SNAP servers and network-attached Storage solutions.


February 2003 to Present

Private Technology and Internetworking Security Consultant,

Los Angeles, California


Currently working as a private Corporate Technology and Security Consultant

in the Los Angeles / Torrance area.

Most recent client consultation was for Honda of America corporate office located in Torrance.

I was able to successfully advise them on upgrading existing 56k analog lines to 386k DSL, a modest Cisco router with VPN and firewall capabilites for the warehouse location, and an objective cost analysis and timeline for the project.


Can provide a complete client list if required.

Variable Contract Rate: $75 - $150 / Hr


February 2002 to February 2003

Obtaining additional accredited training in advanced Cisco Technologies

Network Masters Program,

International Consortium of Technology Professionals

Irvine, California


Presently s completed with obtaining CCIE certification.

Licenses currently completed include CCNA, CCDA, CCNP and NAI Sniffer Certified Professional.

Objective of attending this professional training academy was to validate, solidify and advance my previous few years worth of informal on the job Cisco experience.

ICTP boasts some of the finest real-world Cisco Engineers as instructors, and their 4 million dollar Cisco lab includes every single router and switch produced to date, front-ended by Sun Sparc stations.

My chosen curriculum has been intensely focused on the configuration and trouble shooting of Cisco equipment and all major Cisco services, and implementation / management of interior / exterior LAN / WAN communication protocols and security.



June 2001 to January 2002

Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Specialist

Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich, LLP

San Diego, California


LAN / WAN network systems and data backup administrator for firm wide data center located in our San Diego main office.


Primary Duties:

Administration and maintenance of enterprise backup systems for main data center and Southern regional offices. Disaster recovery and planning for all MS Exchange, SQL, Domino and critical file servers firm wide, responsible for optimization and troubleshooting of the entire Southern region messaging infrastructure.

Monitor and maintain WorldSecure Exchange Email Firewall, set up encrypted VPN email links between corporate client domains and troubleshoot / maintain firm wide BlackBerry server for MS Exchange wireless clients.

Administration, maintenance and optimization of the LAN, WAN and 24x7 critical

NT / 2000 Data Center servers. Responsible for new server additions and upgrades.

Administration of the Postmaster mail account for all external mail addressed to

Monitor and optimize switches, routers, hubs and fiber optics.

Receive direction from Firm Security Analyst and maintain, audit and upgrade security for the LAN and WAN- Particularly User Policies, Remote Access and IIS web services.

Manage Altiris Remote Deployment Server and design installation packages for firm wide PC client upgrades.


Top Accomplishments:

          One of three team leads during our brand new Data Center build out. Personally responsible for Visio blueprinting and design of Data Center layout, wiring, and air conditioning requirements. Helped to co-ordinate between contractors and upper level IS management ensuring all time lines for completion were achieved. Myself and two other team leads solved a major error which almost caused a complete disaster within our new Data Center. The electricians wired every single punchdown backwards and improperly cut every piece of Fiber cable. We worked 24hrs straight through re-doing everything correctly to ensure meeting our operational deadline. We were successful and took our brand new Data Center on line with no problems!

          Planning, design and build out of brand new Altiris server software suite for production use over the LAN and WAN, covering 11 offices and 2100 end-user PCs. My design and implementation led to a quick and painless remote upgrade of Windows 2000 Professional to all 2100 of our workstation PCs firm wide, saving countless man-hours, time and money. Deployment of Altiris Server Reporting Tool also improved organizational efficiency by being able to accurately maintain software inventory of all workstations.


          Design and creation of automated daily backup program for user workstations, particularly our mobile users with laptops. This new addition greatly increased ease of recovery for lost user data and reduced the amount of time that IS floor support would spend on a trouble call to restore lost data.

          Salary: $25 / Hr. Plus Benefits



March 2001 to June 2001

LAN Specialist / End-User Support,

Apex Systems Inc. for Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich, LLP

San Diego, California


Primary job duties include support of 1500 PC workstations and 1400 end-users in a large-scale enterprise LAN / WAN environment. Responsible for client / server based end-user applications and troubleshooting any LAN problems or network printing issues.

Responsible for the installation, setup and configuration of Win98 and 2000 PC workstations. Responsible for installing and setting up WAP services for the end-user such as BlackBerry wireless email devices.

Setup and support of software and hardware VPN devices for secured remote access, and remote access to the LAN via Citrix MetaFrame and Terminal Services.


Top Accomplishments:

          Participated in and helped coordinate office-wide test rollout of Windows 2000 Professional and Office 2000 on 260 new high-end Compaq DeskPro workstations.

          Discovered flaws in originally configured image of operating system and suggested changes, which led to a better and more stable platform.


          Presented report on memory deficiencies present on current PCs, and the benefits of upgrading to more RAM on every workstation firm wide. My conclusions led to a large-scale purchase of RAM for our entire firm, which led to increased user efficiency and less downtime.


          Was commissioned to single-handedly support a 24x7 remote office located in Richmond, Virginia during one of our companys most important client cases. Personally supported 12 Attorneys, 7 receptionists, local LAN, workstations, networked printers, copiers, file servers and domain controllers for that region. Also coordinated office phone line installations and VPN integration, and monitored secured broadband WAN connectivity between the remote office and corporate Data Center.


          Prevented a major file-loss disaster at the Richmond office by implementing a local backup system for critical data files- Three days after starting backups we had a major data loss, which was immediately recoverable from the new backup archive I had created.

         Salary: $22 / Hr. Plus Benefits




February 1999 to February 2001

Network Administrator / Web Designer, Encompas, LLC.

Tacoma, Washington


Job duties include administration, management and support of a LAN environment comprised of NT servers and Win 98 machines.


Top Accomplishments:

          Designed, setup and implemented brand-new Ethernet client / server-based network from scratch. Prior to my employment with this company, they were running all Win98 machines in a peer-to-peer configuration, which was questionable at best.

          Coordinated company-wide rollout of PC workstation / server OS upgrades, and installed backup / recovery systems. Installed primary and backup servers and implemented a single master domain network model for the company.

          Implemented user accounts, email accounts and designed system security policies.

          Designed, implemented and administered a disaster recovery program for critical system files and data servers.

          Setup networked broadband connectivity to the internet for all users through the LAN. Installed and configured secure network firewall and anti-virus software for the LAN, enabled pop-3 and SMTP email for local network users using MS Proxy Server, DNS and 3rd-party mail software.

          Design and creation of E-commerce enabled website for company's new line of pet products, re-designed product logos which directly resulted in an increase of sales and product recognition. To view the current website visit

          Salary: $58,500 including benefits + bonuses





January 1993 to June 1998

Owner / Manager, Lewis Audio & Electronics

Honolulu, Hawaii


Owned, operated and managed retail electronics specialty store consisting of 14 employees and two locations..

Sell / configure / install network computer systems, LAN design and high-end audio systems for home, mobile and business use. Specialized in server-based smart-home applications.

Established contracts with Sam Sung Electronics, Radio Shack and local businesses.

         Salary: $40,000 annual + quarterly net





























































Expected Salary,

Benefits or Contracted Rate






International Consortium of Technology Professionals, Irvine

Network Masters Program

February 2002 to February 2003

Intense training and field implementation in all facets of Cisco internetworking.

Currently licensed CCNA, CCDA, CCNP

Soon to finish CCIE status


Altiris Training Center, San Diego

ACE training for Altiris Express Suite

August 2001

Altiris Systems Certified Engineer for the complete client / server remote management suite of software.


Vortex Data Systems- San Diego, California

MCSE Continued Training for Windows 2000

April 2001

Microsoft Certified Professional for Windows 2000 Networks

          Certified Network Systems Engineer for Windows 2000 Networks and O/S.

          Certified Setup and Administration of 2000 Server, 2000 Advanced Server and 2000 Professional.

          Certified in TCP/IP Networking Protocols Under a Windows 2000 environment.



Global Network Technologies- Tacoma, Washington MCP, MCSE

June 2000 to August 2000

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Professional

          Certified Network Systems Engineer for NT Server and Workstation.

          Certified NT Systems Administrator for enterprise-level networks.

          Certified in TCP/IP, IPX/SPX and other WAN/LAN networking protocols.

         Certified Microsoft Exchange Administrator.







Hawaii Pacific University- Honolulu, Hawaii Entrepreneurial Business

September 1989 to June 1993


Major - Entrepreneurial Business Administration.

Additional education in Computer Science.



McKinley High School- Honolulu, Hawaii

July 1981 to June 1985





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Annual Salary: Willing to negotiate and open to any fair offer.


Contract: Established at current market rate pertaining to job title and duties.










In Closing:

A Brief Summaryof Technical and Personal Strengths

I have a high aptitude for all things encompassing Internetworking Technology, and Im a very fast learner with new products.

Having a pure personal enjoyment for my field of work, I have always found it easy to grasp new concepts and new technology. I love a fast-paced environment and being able to put my set of skills to work fully and completely. I enjoy being part of an IT team of skilled individuals and collaborating on highly technical and time-sensitive projects, although I am disciplined enough to take initiative and work independently.

My key primary strengths would be in the areas of network and software troubleshooting, documentation of policies and proper procedures / practices, network protocol configuration and tuning, server documentation and building, email connectivity and security, virus planning / detection / avoidance and LAN / WAN security.

I am proficient with communicating technical issues to non-technical professionals (I.E. between IS and upper-level non-IS management), as well as dealing directly with other IT personnel. I have found this interpersonal skill to be highly valuable during my career in IT, as many technology professionals have not developed their communication skills outside of the server room. Having had a previous background in business, and having been a business owner has proved to be an excellent asset in my current line of work.


What I enjoy most about being an IT professional is the ever-changing face of technology and the ever-challenging environment it provides.






Joe Zone, General Manager

Apex Systems, Inc.

San Jose, California



Edward Brown, Database Manager

Michael Reese, Network Manager

Gray Cary Ware and Friedenrich, LLP

San Diego, California



Bruce Ranyard, Owner

Motion Dynamics, Inc

Honolulu, Hawaii and Hawthorne, California






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